AEBS International Exchange

International Exchange Trip to Argentina

What an amazing opportunities for our students to go abroad and study Spanish. This trip will be April 21st through April 28th. If you would like for your child to go please let us know as soon as possible.


Estimated date: April 21st to 28th

Monday, April 21st:

  • Arrive at Buenos Aires Airport: Teachers from school will be waiting with transportation
  • Welcome for children and parents at school
  • T-Shirts will be handed to each student
  • Meet with interchange families (children should bring a present that represents where they are from)

Tuesday, April 22nd:

Welcome to the course!

  • Activity presentation of school students. There will be activities that demonstrate several Argentinean traditions. 
  • Introduction to their first trip to the “pulperia”  

At mid afternoon

  • First trip to “La Pulperia”; they will go with elementary students.                                             

“La Pulperia” is an ancient bar that is typical of the colonial times. They will be welcome by a “gaucho” (it is a cowboy that plays an important symbolic role in Argentinean tales).He will talk about Argentinean traditions and will cook a typical Argentinean dish.

  • After the “pulperia” they will return to school to finish the day. With the other students they will give allegiance to the flag.

Wednesday, April 23rd:

  • In the morning: Trip to the “Reserva Natural de Otamendi”; they will be going with an elementary group. It will be a ride through a natural reserve where the rangers from the park will talk to them and explain them about the park.
  • They will have a picnic at the park.
  • In the afternoon: we will return to the school. Children will present to teachers about their visit to the natural reserve.

Thursday, April 24th :

All day city tour

Friday, April 25th :

In the morning: Visit to Delta del Rio Parana: a boat ride; we will cross the Parana River and will visit the island. The Island is a project where they work with plants and fruits that are typical of the area.

In the afternoon: School Sport event

Monday, April 28th :

Goodbye: Lots of surprises!!

Austin Students could give a presentation of the typical American traditions.


They are here! Students from Xipal School from Mexico City arrived on Monday February 17th.

UPDATE: We are currently looking into exchanges with a School in Argentina.

AEBS will eventually link students with their counterparts in Mexico.

International student exchanges between International Schools will offer students opportunities to broaden their worldview and learn to be at ease in multicultural settings.

AEBS is currently putting holds in Spanish immersion and dual language programs where the international exchanges support their intercultural awareness. The study of a foreign language will be greatly enhanced through immersion in that language. Likewise, appreciation and respect for other nationalities, cultures, and intellectual traditions will be greatly facilitated by direct contact with people in other countries.

Many of the least tangible but most important elements of an education—the development of practical leadership skills, the capacity to make ethical judgments, the ability to navigate through complex cultural settings—are formed outside the classroom.

AEBS therefore greatly extends and enriches international exchanges.