Extracurricular Activities

Austin Eco Bilingual School offers Afterschool Electives as a part of it's Extracurricular Activities that will contribute to it's students advancement and development in various areas as they adquire new skills.

Austin Eco Bilingual Afterschool/Extracurricular Activities

KidFit-Tennis- Where the child will learn and feel good about the process, each lesson will ensure a child’s success. $11 per child per 30 minute, offered every Thursday at 4pm.

TOT is a basketball ball handling and dribbling program. -  TOT students will meet each week and learn all kinds of fancy skills and drills.  But that's not all...TOT is where athletics meets academics.  Each TOT class focuses on a higher level academic skill that is taught in a fun way; you will be amazed at what your child will learn in the TOT Program! TOT classes will be offered on-site at Jardin de Niños-South on Thursdays from 9:00 - 9:45. There is a registration fee of $30.00 which saves your child a spot and gets them their much loved TOT T-shirt along with prizes and their trophy in May. The monthly tuition is $45.00.

Soccer Shots- Soccer Shots is a leader in youth soccer development for children ages 2-8. Our nationally recognized program offers a high energy, fun, and age-appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer. Our innovative and creative curriculum emphasizes both soccer skills and character development, such as teamwork, respect, and confidence. Our goal is simple: to leave a lasting, positive impact on every child we coach. Come experience why soccer is truly the “world’s greatest game! Offered every Tuesdays at 3:15pm

Tutoring- In this class we will explorer strategies on how to improve reading and develop a strong reading/writing skill. We will read books by classic and contemporary authors, using methods and strategies according to each student’s level.

Homework help – During this time, children will receive additional support for their school activities to increase their academic success.