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AEBS School of Arts/After School

Our School of Arts program inspires growing minds and promotes your child’s education and development!  Our innovative After School Curriculum engages your children’s natural curiosity, allowing them to explore arts, drama (dance), computer, chess, robotics, mathematical, scientific, literary and creative activities in a comfortable, stimulating, Spanish immersion atmosphere.  Our South campus is IB (International Baccalaureate) accredited, PYP (Young Primary Years) promoting higher international minded standards.  Based on brain research, these programs motivate right and left brain stimulation which significantly increases the language learning experience.  Each day student will have scheduled homework time to complete homework assignments or spend some time beginning their homework assignments before heading home.  Our School Age guides know how important homework is an encourage students to get it done and provide access to the Encyclopedia Britannica on the computer for students to use for research.


Highlights -Working class community. -Promoting peer relationship. -Empower children through active learning experiences. -Learning though exploration and play. -Teachers roll in the child’s learning. -Children are in the age of discovery. -Teaching and learning in a diverse world. -Balancing needs and values in our children through philanthropy to improve world communities. -Integrate artisitic natural expressions. -Foster creative thinking, hard work, ethic and give sense of achivement. -Providing and environment as a third teacher surrounding to physical explorations to the Reggio Emilia Approach. -Our students are the protagonists of their own learning. -Inquiry-based learning is driven by children's thoughts through questions and personal interest.

Schedule: The After school will begin at 3:00pm- 6:00p.m

Open to the public and private schools,

 transportation will be provided beginning  at 2:45

Prices : 300 per month

Austin Eco Bilingual After school of Arts in the Spanish immersion program,

AEB After School believes appreciation of the arts to enable our students to development the multiple intelligences complete person and a healthy society. Its mission is to enable children to engage in artistic and cultural activities that otherwise would not be available to them. Our program integrate the literary, performing, visual, and culinary arts are designed not just to teach particular skills, but to nurture individual creativity, encourage group collaboration, and give to our students the opportunity to explore new and sometimes life-changing experiences in the arts.

  • With our Afterschool program of Arts will provide the ability to gain the Spanish language skills, knowledge, apply knowledge, manipulate one's environment, and think abstractly
  • There are eight (8) intelligences associated with our program that support the visual arts. The Intrapersonal and Interpersonal will be integrated in the other intelligences :

1) Linguistic(verbal) -enjoy reading, writing, telling stories, and doing crossword puzzles

2) Logical(mathematical) - inductive and deductive reasoning, use of numbers effectively and to categorize, infer, make generalizations, and test hypotheses

3) Spatial(visual) - ability to visualize objects and special dimensions, think in images and pictures, like to draw and design, and enjoy puzzles
4) Body(kinesthetic) - ability to move the body with skill and control, expertise in using the body to express ideas and feelings

5) Musical - recognizing patterns and sounds, sensitivity to pitch and rhythm

6) Naturalist - awareness of the natural world around them, can identify people, plants, and other environmental features

7) Interpersonal - ability to understand and communicate effectively with others, understand them, and interpret their behavior

8) Intrapersonal - awareness of one's self, goals, and emotions and the ability to use that knowledge for personal understanding.

After School Enrollment Form 2014-2015