History of Austin Eco Bilingual School

In 2007, Adriana Rodriguez initiated the establishment of the AEBS, an integrated network of schools dedicated to expanding access to the highest standard of education in Austin Texas in USA.

The first AEBS South Location opened in Austin with a 1 acre site starting with 20 students. It now has 125 students, placing it among the top tier worldwide in academic performance serving infants through kindergarden. In 2010, the North Location was established on Anderson Lane of Northwest Austin. It’s a highly successful school with 110 students, also among the top schools in academic performance.

Since November of 2013, our south Austin location became an International Bauccelaureate authorized school and our north school is in progress toward candidacy status. We have also adopted the Reggio Emilia approach to early learning. We have modified our curriculum to reflect a wholistic earth conservation philosophy. In order to reflect these recent accomplishments and enhancements to our school, we have changed our name to Austin Eco Bilingual School.