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, Parents
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It is encouraging

, Maria Archuleta
My twin girls attend the school and had a hard time adjusting to the language, but we stuck through it with the encouragement of the teachers and administrator and they are both doing great. My husband is excited because he is learning Spanish too. I was always disappointed that I wasn't fluent in Spanish and I hope to give my children this piece of our heritage. The investment in the school for the children and teachers is apparent too. It is encouraging to see where your fees go.

The most loving nurturing environment

, Samantha LeBlanc
My daughter has been going to this school for almost 6 months now and it's the most loving nurturing environment. She is learning so much it's amazing how quickly she is understanding Spanish and now even starting to speak. Their curriculum is above and beyond any school I have looked into in this area. They have an open door policy I show up at all different times and have never been told not to. My daughter is an only child and I am very overprotective of her. I highly recommend this school to anyone.

A Top Notch School

, Deborah Chetwood
We couldn't be happier with this school. They say it takes a village to raise a child and we feel like we stumbled upon just that. A village with caring teachers and wonderful involved parents. The director really listens to concerns and suggestions and is quick to initiate new protocol when necessary. My daughter has blossomed in the short year that she has attended this school and we fully plan on staying with them through elementary school. Their curriculum is advanced and we have the added bonus of our child learning a second language. Add to that the investment they have made into the technology and we have definitely found a top notch school. When I do visit I have never seen a class unsupervised but rather one in the mist of a lesson with the kids attentive and excited. If you are looking for a school where they challenge your child and are academic than definitely consider Jardin de Ninos Interlingua Spanish Immersion.

A Warm and Welcoming Environment

, Mark
We have been at el Jardin since it opened in 2007 and have beyond satisfied. The school is working on the NAEYC and IB accreditation and we love that!! Our child now is three year old LOVES going to Jardin and we are delighted with all that he has learned. Jardin is overflowing with affection and attention for the children. It is such a warm and welcoming environment. We have recently put our 2 year old at el Jardin and is doing great, too! Director and staff are amazing. We are very pleased!!

A Top Rate Education

, Drew Roberts
My kids have had a great time and have learned soooo much. It is a top rate education from infant all the way through elementary school. My 1st grade son was complete with all of AISD material within a couple of months. He is now almost done with his first grade year and is practically a 3rd grader. He is doing solid 3rd grade math. He is doing physics in his science class, but doesn't even realize it. And he is doing all of this in both Spanish and English. He has made some great friends and his teachers are truly the best. Not only are they great educators, but they love the kids.

You feel the passion

, Andrea C
My daughter has been home since she was born and Jardin De Ninos is her first school to attend. The teachers are loving and caring, are curriculum focused (no TVs here - just good old arts & crafts, educational play, singing, and more!). They also plan cultural events - like celebrations for Cinco de Mayo where the kids perform - singing & dancing. I cannot believe my daughter can speak Spanish after just a few months in immersion.... she can write some numbers and letters - all at only age 3! The school Director, Adriana, is integrated with everything going on in the school and knows everyone's names. You feel the passion from all the teachers to truly immerse the children in education, culture, language, and love. I look forward to my newborn son attending when he is a little bigger (although they do have an infant class for people who need it). I also like that they do not allow sugar or sweets in school lunches. My daughter is allowed one treat a day after dinner - and I really like that the school supports healthy lifestyles. I could not be more delighted with this school! I came to know JDN through my neighbour and she is equally happy aswell. If you want to immerse your child in a great curriculum while becoming bilingual - this is the place to go! Few places in Austin offer Spanish - and these guys do it wonderfully! Also - the curriculum is the International Bac Curriculum and all of the teachers have a Bachelor or Master degree from a University in Latin America - which is great!

We are inspired and grateful

, Marisol Foster
Our 11-month old son is enrolled at JDNI and we couldn't be happier! Having visited a lot of high-quality child care centers and immersion schools, this was the absolutely the best fit for us from the very beginning. The Director, staff and teachers are incredibly warm, friendly and engaged with the students and parents. One of the reasons why we chose JDNI is because it is truly a high-quality "immersion" school. The teachers speak fluent and proper Spanish (not Spanglish) 100% of the time and our son is soaking it up like a sponge. I was surprised to read a previous comment about a language barrier - we have never had an issue with this - as a matter of fact, the teachers are more communicative about the daily activities (which are amazing, by the way) than in most other centers. The daily reports are always thorough (in English), and the verbal communication is also excellent. Any instructions or concerns we had were always followed and respected. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn how tailored the activities/lesson plans are for each child and his/her developmental stage. There is an incredible attention to detail. Our son's teacher has a binder for each child full of photos from activities in which the children partake - like a baby book full of memories, art work and photos for parents to enjoy. The classroom is extremely tidy and the walls are saturated with colorful and stimulating artwork, pictures and words, as well as activity/ballet bars - all important for multi-sensory and motor-skill development. I get excited thinking about the many amazing things my son is being exposed to at school and the friendships he is creating. Most importantly for us, the teachers exude love and have a passion for their jobs - which ultimately makes for happy, healthy, smart children! Since we have been at JDNI, none of the teachers have left. Walking through the school classrooms, it is evident that the students have a strong connection with their teachers. Every time we walk through the doors to drop off our son for the day, he smiles and begins to jump up and down with excitement. All the teachers know him by name and warmly engage with him. I would recommend this school without reservation. We are inspired and grateful. Hooray for JDNI!

Very professional!

, Raymond
My kids have been enrolled in the JDNI for the past two years and we have had a great experience there. The teachers are all outstanding and sweet, they are very professional! The curiculum is impressive and the management is great. The ratios here are lower than anywhere else I had toured.

Our children are thriving academically

, Tasha Yacktman
We love this school! This is our fourth year as a JDNI family - we now have three children attending in pre-k - 3rd grade. The teachers are all extremely caring and knowledgeable, and create an environment in which our children are thriving academically. We love the small class size and the fact that our kids were able to understand quite a bit of spanish after only a few weeks. Our two older children can now read, write, and speak fluently in both spanish and english. This is a gift that will definitely keep on giving as they get older and gain more experience in the world. The school is currently in its second year as an IB candidate school, working towards becoming an International Baccalaureate World School. This is a very exciting advancement for the school and all of its students.